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The Clay Claims!

Your claims are writing on the wall...

Claiming Claymates!
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Update!!!! The new new new moderator is mrs_aiken!!!!!!!

1. You can only have two claims, & you can't go over this number unless I allow it.
2. NO STEALING CLAIMS! You are allowed to share claims if the person you are sharing with agrees to, & you can exchange claims if you both agree to it. But once you exchange claims, you can't exchange anymore!
3. Please, no incessant returns of claims.
4. The first 5 people to join the community get four claims instead of two, & they are: _oceaneyes_, peters_lostgirl, xxdaybydayxx, and mrs_aiken.
4.B) These said 5 have to post their claims, not just join. There is no way to tell who joined before someone, so post your claims when you join!
5. If a member promotes our community, all they need do is send a link to the community address, and they will be approved by the moderator for a third claim! (You can only promote on websites and other communities.)
6. NO LANGUAGE PLEASE! Dirty thoughts or comments need to be placed behind the lj-cut. This should be a friendly sort of community.
7. There should not be any abuse of fellow claimers. Such abuse shall result in removal from the community, & all claims revoked.
8. There will occasionaly be contests, & if there is one the rules will be posted.
9. You should stay active in the community, and your own lj, because if you aren't and you leave then your claims will be revoked.
10. To prove that you've read these rules please post, "I wish to be an important part of the Claiming Claymates! community." as your subject.

This community is claimed by lab_junkie, the moderator, whom also claims Clay's July 23, 2004, show in Baltimore, Maryland.

1. Clay's WWJD bracelet, Clay's southern accent, Clay's eyes, and the Long Island Independent Tour Concert, March 4, 2004, are claimed by: _oceaneyes_.
2. Clay's glasses, Clay's "Grease" hip shake, Clay's shirt tug, and Clay's hair are all claimed by: peters_lostgirl.
3. Clay's pink shirts, Clay's striped shirts, Clay's performances of Solitaire, and the Independent Concert in Worcester, MA 3/8/04, are all claimed by: xxdaybydayxx.
4. Clay's wink, Clay's performances of "This is the Night", Clay's tight pants, Clay's rendition of "Kyrie", Clay's scent, Clay's Measure of a Man CD, and Clay's Solo Tour at the Big E on September 19th, 2004, are all claimed by mrs_aiken.
5. Clay's high-pitched laugh, Clay's dancing including his rendition of "When Doves Cry" are claimed by bubbles525.
6. Clay's smile. Not his normal one, but the one he does when he embarrasses himself. (Ex. Girl: "Who'd play you in a movie?" Clay: "Are you available, Ryan?" Ryan: "What?! I think you want to rephrase that." Clay: "Oh, mah goodness..." *smile*) ...That smile!, and Clay's shiny blue tie from the finale are claimed by: lonesomelullaby.
7. The Portland, Oregon, American Idol 2 concert on August 19th, and the Sacremento, California Independent Concert on March 31st are claimed by shaiken_04.
8. The Gilford, NH Solo Tour concert on August 5th 2004, and Clay's Pink shoelaces are claimed by: _heybutterfly.
9. Clay's Rolling Stone cover photo and Clay's rendition of "Rosanna" are claimed by divachic04.
10. Clay's On Stage Sex Appeal, and "I Will Be Here" are claimed by chelseysuzie.
11. Clay's purple overcoat from the Big E performance, Clay's version of "Where the Streets Have No Name", Clay's growl during "Invisible" and "I Survived You", Clay's SNL wig, Clay's expression in the specified pic, and Clay's performance with Bing Crosby on Nick at Nite are all claimed by milenium03.
12. "Measure of a Man" from Clay's CD, Clay's beautiful green eyes, & Clay's heart are claimed by achn4clayaiken!
13. Clay's entire 2004 AMA Outfit & Clay's dancing are claimed by sabra_girl!
14. Clay's love for kids & his love for meat are claimed by iloveyourbanana!
15. Clay's book & his Solo Tour Stop in Charleston, WV are all claimed by auntieash0731!
16. Clay's shell pink lips and his glory note in 'Everlasting Love' are claimed by _androgynous_!
17. Clay's version of 'Somewhere Out There' and Clay's demo song 'Not Supposed to Love You Anymore' are claimed by brutuz!