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The Clay Claims! [entries|friends|calendar]
Claiming Claymates!

Why can't I bring you into my life?
What would it take to make you see that I'm alive?

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Tickets for tomorrow night's show!!! [11 Aug 2005|08:08pm]

Hey everyone... this is my first post in this community, and I KNOW I
shouldn't be posting something like this, but I am DESPERATE to sell
these tickets. I have tried everything!! I tried StubHub and eBay, and
the concert is TOMORROW and I still have 4 extra tickets.

This is an ad for all Michigan Clay Aiken fans. I have 4 lawn tickets
available for Friday night's show at the Meadow Brook Music Festival in
Rochester, Michigan. The concert starts at 8pm, and the lawn is
general admission. First come, first serve for seating there. It's a kinda
small place too, so anywhere you sit on the lawn is actually pretty

Here is my soon to be expired eBay link:


I am selling my 4 tickets in sets of 2, so if you want to buy 2, then
buy a set of 1 on eBay. If you want 4, then buy a set of 2 on eBay.
Tickets are $25 a piece, which is LESS than what I paid for them. I'm
actually losing money! But I NEED to get rid of them otherwise I'll lose
ALL my money. And that would NOT be hot.

I am going to the show too, so I can meet up with you at the show, so I can get your money and give you the tickets. I do accept PayPal too! So if you'd like, you can pay me with PayPal, and just pick up your tickets from me at the show.

If anyone knows ANYONE who needs tickets please notify them!! I'm desperate to get rid of them! Help a fellow idol fan out!!
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I wish to be an important part of the Claiming Claymates! community [20 Jun 2005|08:48pm]


I was hoping I could claim Clay's version of 'Somewhere Out There' and Clay's demo song 'Not Supposd To love You Anymore'...


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I wish to be an important part of the Claiming Claymates! community [21 Mar 2005|10:55pm]

Can I claim Clay's shell pink lips and his glory note in 'Everlasting Love'?
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[15 Mar 2005|05:01pm]

Hey guys!! Meg Leisey and myself, have started a forum for all the Nick Leisey fans to hang out!! Come check out the site!


hope to see you soon!
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[05 Mar 2005|11:43am]
I went to three of the tours.
I went to the independent tour,
the clayaiken solor tour,
and the joyful noise. :]
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[02 Feb 2005|11:22am]

[ mood | hungry ]

Hey guys, I'm new! I want to claim Clay's book and his Solo Tour stop in Charleston, WV! **It's about time someone comes to good ol' WV!**

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[17 Jan 2005|01:55pm]

I wish to be an important part of the Claiming Claymates! community.

1. i would like to claim clay's love for kids


2. his love for meat ;)
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[17 Jan 2005|12:49pm]

I wish to be an important part of the Claiming Claymates! community! ^_^

Hi guys! This looks like a really neat claiming site, so here are my claims for now:

1: Clay's entire AMA outfit (the 2004 one)
2: Clay's dancing
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hi I think this comes next right [16 Jan 2005|02:46pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I want to claim Measure of a Man (like what it stands for in accordance to him and the song) but I see that our wonderful mod has the cd so I guess I will choose two others

So if that up there doesn't work I want to claim
his beautiful green eyes, and his heart, (that was the part that I fell in love with, his kindness, innocence and passion for his family and others)

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hi [16 Jan 2005|02:43pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I think this is how I do it it says to say even thought I do not get the thys and thous, so bear with me...

Well I guess I will just say it here I want to be a big important part of the community...

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ATTN: Everyone. [03 Jan 2005|01:15pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Due to the fact that I am starting school, I will not have any time to devote to this community. Mayhap that is why it has fallen so behind? So I ask, once again, is anyone interested in Moderating for this community?????? If not, then, this community will be shut down, and claims made worthless, due to the fact that there is no community. I'm not trying to be mean, I just dont have the time to put the community out like I probably should.

Your CC Mod.

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Hey everyone! [16 Dec 2004|07:02pm]

Is anyone interested in moderating for this community? I dont have the time or the energy anymore. email me at claimnclaymtes@yahoo . com.
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[21 Nov 2004|07:34pm]

hi everyone. i just wanted to say that my computer has been broken for quite some time now, but im back. so just apologizing for not being here in a while. hopefully i can come here more often!
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Post yours here Anna [23 Oct 2004|06:56pm]

[ mood | full of pie ]

Anna! You have 10 claims waiting to be made. Make them here!:D

The Claiming Claymates! Mod.

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Randomness. [19 Oct 2004|05:42pm]

[ mood | blank ]

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[15 Oct 2004|02:52pm]

SECOND PLACE. YESSSS. I have so much in common with Clay right now.

Ahem, moving on.


1. I'd like to claim Clay's scent, if that makes sense.
2. Clay's Solo Tour at the Big E on September 19th, 2004.
3. Clay's Measure of a Man CD, is that allowed/possible? If not telll mee.

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[10 Oct 2004|06:20pm]

The contest is officially closed. Thanks to everyone for entering!!!! The results go as follows!

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Just checking in! [08 Oct 2004|12:17pm]

What's going on everyone? Who wants to get a new claim!? All right. Here is the first contest!

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[20 Sep 2004|11:25am]

[ mood | tired ]

I wish to be an important part of the Claiming Claymates! community...


I would like to claim:
1) Clay's purple overcoat from the Big E performance
2) Clay's version of "Where the Streets Have No Name"



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[17 Sep 2004|03:34pm]


Just wanted to say GOODBYE to everyone. I'm leaving the claiming communities I've joined. I'm not as active as I should be, so yeah...no use for me.

Still <3 Clay, though! Heh. :)

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